Sunday, May 3, 2015

Last Blog

It is sad that this is the end, time went by to fast. This class has been a new experiences for me. I have learned so much, shown new ways of thinking. From the begging when we where just talking a but our favorite charter too the dystopia. My favorite blog has to be comparing the Hunger Game world to North Korea as a dystopia. To take a children's book apart page my page looking at everything, from the government to the victors, and the propaganda. We left nothing untouched. I should have spent more time on the readings many re-reading to better understand the readings. I know i need to work on time management.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nature of Evil the hunger games world there are many different types of
the evil. Also evil comes in many different forms there the adults that are
evil but then there are some adults that don't need to be evil. I like sci-fi
books where there are evil monsters are just pure evil in the hunger games
they're adults that are the monsters and are evil. The hunger game companion
brings up a good point when they talk about the peacekeepers being evil. They're
only evil because they're following orders. When you're following orders
there's chain of command that you can't really fight. Compared it to the Nazis
during World War II being evil maybe not all the Nazis are pure evil because
they had to follow the order they were given just like peacekeepers.


In Dr. Baron talk He talked about what it is evil? So to
find the evil thing is to find what is the good thing to do and then opposite
thing of that is evil. Then there is the ethics which is the study of morality.
Which indicates that everyone has their own belief system of what right and
wrong is. For example in Mockingjay when they're planning to take district two
Katniss thinks that it is evil and wrong to trap the peacekeepers in the
Mountain. So her beliefs system told her that was wrong and evil. But her friend
Gale thinks that it's the right thing to do and does not care about their
feelings. He believes that it is due and necessary to win the war.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hunger Game Songs

When Suzanne Collins writes about District 12 and their music she's not only writing about just songs and dances she's writing about the symbols of peace and inspiration for a life outside of District 12. Only are the songs important in the hunger games but they're also important in Appalachia songs tell stories. The song " Deep in the meadow" is a sad song in the movie in the books when she sings it when Rue is dying. But in fact he tells the story of a please deep in the woods that is calm and peaceful that your worries don't follow you on was a story of a better life and a better world. It talks about leaving ones worries away. Also, of the safety of the woods.  Taking one away from the problems of the world that one lives in and giving them of an idea of a peaceful and calming world.

 And then in the modern world today we have songs also tell stories about history that has happened. Just like when Prof. Michael came to class and talk about the folksongs and today about the hanged man in the hundred games also talk about the hanging man which represents the peacekeepers hanging people in District 12. Just like that hanging in Appalacian.

Monday, March 9, 2015

What are the features/ characteristics of a totalitarian system? What makes a regime or government totalitarian?How is it possible that we still have totalitarian regimes in our time?

What is a totalitarian system?

        - relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed: "A totalitarian regime crushes all autonomous institutions in its drive to seize the human soul" (Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.)

What makes a resume our government at the totalitarian system Government controls everything in your private and in public life. You can see this in the world of the hunger games with Pres. snow controlling the entire district. In the reading and mentions it totalitarian systems use not only bugging and excess force by military power over it people it uses spies with in the people see you can't even trust one another therefore it makes it harder for rebellion to form. Use your family members against you as spies therefore you have no one to trust and turn against each other instead of turning against the government.

There are many aspects of totalitarian systems in the hunger games. Which are the fencing in of the districts and not relaying any information about the other districts to each other no communication with each other to make it harder for them to rebel and unite. Dehumanize there people by making them compete in the hunger games and turn each district against chowder.

These aspects of Totalitarian system can be seen today in the world by example North Korea. North Korea controls almost everything they control what information comes into the country and what information about the country goes out of it people have no means of communication except for boot leg radios and laptops. The technology in the hunger games with heavily controlled in District 12 there were no telephones except for in the houses of the victors. Which cannot call other people in other districts you can only call the capital and other people in District 12. Like what North Korea has they just recently have a cell phones to the populist but they can only call people within North Korea though self and cannot call anyone outside of North Korea.

North Korea just like the capital controls the amount of food it's people get the shopping markets in North Korea you go into them you cannot buy from it. Just there for show just like in the hunger games when the districts get ration from the capital the capital controls all the food. There is also hierarchical society in North Korea were people of the political aspect have abilities to get things outside the country then the people on the lower society. Much like in the hunger games with people and capital have access to everything but the people in the district have at excess very little and the wealth is controlled mostly by the capital just like it stated in the readings the wealth of the world is controlled by only a few bit of people in our world.

 North Koreans government also puts a great monument the cost so much just to put up a front of how great their government is just like the capital dies in the hunger games. Also if a person acts out agents the government in North Korea will not only punish the Perpetrator but his /her whole family. The same goes for the world of the Hunger Games. North Korea also violently abuse there people, which is also see in the hunger games.



Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I agree with you the books matures as they go on in the books go on and the plot gets more complexs. Catching fire was a good book but i thought that the clock ideal was to much. its one thing to put people throght hell but too put it on a timed out thing is weird. I agree with you that Mockingjay was a little bit is A LET DOWN.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Favorite moments of the hundred games series

Do not have a single favorite book in the hunger games series. But I did have several favorite parts in each book.

My favorite parts of the first Hunger games book was when Katniss volunteered as tribute for a sister. It showed a lot of bravery and courage on her part protect her family. It also showed that Katniss is willing to do anything to protect your family and the love she has for her sister Prim. 


My next favorite part of the book was when she chose to become allies with Rue. Shows that she can see more than strengths and an ally but also wisdom. Then when she showed The humanity by giving Rue a proper trip after her death by putting flyers all around her.

In catching fire my favorite part was when Cinna find a wedding dress to catch fire and turn her into the Mockingjay. Turned her into a symbol of hope but also showed his true colors for the rebellion.


 My favorite point in Mockingjay was when present got shot and fell off the balcony by tennis and then also when Pres. snow died by being trampled her coughing I was on but I thought I was just great. Shot shot at Katniss had to make a difference in the out come of the world.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Similarities and Differences in Catching Fire book and movie.

At the party at President Snow’s they don’t tell us about them throwing up there food so they can eat more.


Katniss runs in to two women who are dressed like Peacekeepers, in the forest by the little house that she shared with her father. One of them was injured because the boots were too big. They introduce themselves as Twill and Bonnie. They know who she was, and they explained that they were traveling to District 13. 

 And this is the first time that Katniss finds out that it’s still there. Where in the movie she does not till the very end of the movie. Then they go in to the house and talk. Twill and Bonnie reveal that they came from District 8, where cloth is made and resources are super scarce. Katniss gives them some of her extra food. Bonnie reminds her of Rue. They tell Katniss that after the previous Games ended, a rebellion started there, but no one outside 8 knows about it. Twill was actually Bonnie's teacher before they both starting working at a uniform-making factory. Bonnie had been helping Twill hide two uniforms so Twill and her husband could escape from 8 and tell people in other districts what was going on there.  They tell her all about the rebellion and how they used her media tour to help with it. They also tell her that the Media propaganda about district 13 being fake is based use the same footage over and over and over again they point out the Mockingjay in the corner of the film every time and Katniss searches to the news channels when she gets back home to look at for footage of that.



Then also they don't mention the movie that kindness from her ankle from trying to get back into the district after hunting. They don't mention when Candace meets the tributes from district 11. Them telling Katniss that Rue's family is ok. One of the main similarities that they had was actually defiance in the book and the movie during the interview when Cinna made it to Katniss's wedding dress and make it to try her and turned her into a symbol of hope as the Mockingjay. 



Then there way Peeta dropping the bum of Katniss being pregnant, but her did not tell them about them getting married back home, and then all the tributes holding hands at the end showing up at their one.