Monday, February 23, 2015

Favorite moments of the hundred games series

Do not have a single favorite book in the hunger games series. But I did have several favorite parts in each book.

My favorite parts of the first Hunger games book was when Katniss volunteered as tribute for a sister. It showed a lot of bravery and courage on her part protect her family. It also showed that Katniss is willing to do anything to protect your family and the love she has for her sister Prim. 


My next favorite part of the book was when she chose to become allies with Rue. Shows that she can see more than strengths and an ally but also wisdom. Then when she showed The humanity by giving Rue a proper trip after her death by putting flyers all around her.

In catching fire my favorite part was when Cinna find a wedding dress to catch fire and turn her into the Mockingjay. Turned her into a symbol of hope but also showed his true colors for the rebellion.


 My favorite point in Mockingjay was when present got shot and fell off the balcony by tennis and then also when Pres. snow died by being trampled her coughing I was on but I thought I was just great. Shot shot at Katniss had to make a difference in the out come of the world.

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  1. These are very short and to the point making them easy to read and the pictures are all great.