Monday, March 30, 2015

Hunger Game Songs

When Suzanne Collins writes about District 12 and their music she's not only writing about just songs and dances she's writing about the symbols of peace and inspiration for a life outside of District 12. Only are the songs important in the hunger games but they're also important in Appalachia songs tell stories. The song " Deep in the meadow" is a sad song in the movie in the books when she sings it when Rue is dying. But in fact he tells the story of a please deep in the woods that is calm and peaceful that your worries don't follow you on was a story of a better life and a better world. It talks about leaving ones worries away. Also, of the safety of the woods.  Taking one away from the problems of the world that one lives in and giving them of an idea of a peaceful and calming world.

 And then in the modern world today we have songs also tell stories about history that has happened. Just like when Prof. Michael came to class and talk about the folksongs and today about the hanged man in the hundred games also talk about the hanging man which represents the peacekeepers hanging people in District 12. Just like that hanging in Appalacian.

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