Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nature of Evil the hunger games world there are many different types of
the evil. Also evil comes in many different forms there the adults that are
evil but then there are some adults that don't need to be evil. I like sci-fi
books where there are evil monsters are just pure evil in the hunger games
they're adults that are the monsters and are evil. The hunger game companion
brings up a good point when they talk about the peacekeepers being evil. They're
only evil because they're following orders. When you're following orders
there's chain of command that you can't really fight. Compared it to the Nazis
during World War II being evil maybe not all the Nazis are pure evil because
they had to follow the order they were given just like peacekeepers.


In Dr. Baron talk He talked about what it is evil? So to
find the evil thing is to find what is the good thing to do and then opposite
thing of that is evil. Then there is the ethics which is the study of morality.
Which indicates that everyone has their own belief system of what right and
wrong is. For example in Mockingjay when they're planning to take district two
Katniss thinks that it is evil and wrong to trap the peacekeepers in the
Mountain. So her beliefs system told her that was wrong and evil. But her friend
Gale thinks that it's the right thing to do and does not care about their
feelings. He believes that it is due and necessary to win the war.

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